Education provides physical, social and cognitive protection which can be both life saving and life sustaining. Education sustains life by offering individuals particularly children and adolescents safe space for living as well as the ability to identify and provide support for affected people.

A lot of parents have not embraced the idea of education, so there are a lot of children who have reached school going age but have not yet been enrolled into any kind of school.

Together with the building of schools, WASDA is also involved in the water and sanitation part of it. It is important to raise class attendance as much as possible by reducing infection rates caused by water borne diseases and poor hygiene. So hygiene awareness and the construction of latrines are part of WASDA’s education program.

Objectives in Education

  • Build and rehabilitate temporary as well as permanent primary schools in the target areas.
  • Increase access to primary education as well as curriculum improvement.
  • Provision of salary to the teachers for sustainable purposes.
  • Increase attendances in school by increasing WASH qualities as well as nutrition qualities.
  • Hygiene and Sanitation campaigns in the schools.
  • Provide trainings on GBV and human rights to the teachers as well as stakeholders such parents.
  • Increase access to water in the schools.
  • Increase quality of hygiene and sanitation at schools by building latrines and providing water.