• Livelihood

  • Water & the Environment

  • Public Health

  • Education

  • Emergency Drought


Strategic Drivers: Inadequate efforts (by government and other stakeholders) to develop pastoralism and explore alternative and complementary livelihood options.

Strategic Goals: Improved opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

Water and the Environment

Strategic Drivers:
Fragile ecosystems with scarce, poorly developed and poorly managed water resources

Strategic Goals:
Ensure access to safe water and sustainably managed natural resources.

Public Health

Strategic Drivers: High prevalence of communicable diseases as a result of low level of awareness and inadequate health infrastructure and services.

Strategic Goals:
A healthy community with through adequate education, care and support services.


Strategic Drivers:
Provision of quality education, which ensures increased access, enrolment, rentention and perfomance.


Strategic Drivers:
Provision of emergency relief to families in our area of jurisdiction

Mission & Vision


Empowered communities in the Horn of Africa that are resilient, innovative and peaceful


WASDA’s mission is to mobilize and engage communities and other stakeholders in creating strategic partnerships for sustainable management of the environment, water resources, livelihoods, education and public health services in the Horn of Africa

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