Public Health Officer

WASDA is a regional non-governmental organization that is established in 1995. The focus of WASDA is saving lives and uplifting human dignity through access to quality services. WASDA implements Development and humanitarian aid programmes in Northern region of Kenya.
WASDA was established to supplement government and other stakeholders’ efforts in addressing development challenges in the region with focus on Education, Emergency programmes; WASH, FSL and Health and Nutrition. WASDA received funds to implement Emergency programme and is looking for competent and dynamic team to be part of its professional work force.

Public Health Officer (PHO)

Public Health Officer

Job Purpose

The post holder will work closely and Provide necessary support to WASH Engineer to design, plan and implement technical WASH assessments and studies such as household level questionnaires, focus group discussions, site visits and meetings with key members of community. He/she will also work with the community and CHV’s to implement hygiene and sanitation awareness creation in the community.

Job Outline

  • Position title:

    Public Health Officer (PHO)
  • Reports to:

    WASH Engineer
  • Duty Station:

  • Deadline:

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Job Description


Responsibilities and responsibilities

Program design and implementation

  • Design, plan and follow-up of hygiene promotion activities such as: training of trainers on hygiene promotion (for community volunteers, WASH committee members, health workers).
  • Contribute to the design a Public Health Promotion strategy for emergency response program of WASDA in the intervention area with WASH Engineer and WASH team.
  • Supervise the selection of the materials, equipment, and resources for the public health / hygiene promotion and community participation activities with suitable technical specifications and assuring quality.
  • Undertake community and other stakeholders’ engagement meeting at county and sub-county level.
  • Developing program work plan with other project teams to guide smooth implementation of the programme. Revising the work plan on weekly basis to capture any changes that happened.
  • Provide technical support on hygiene promotion to the community volunteers, WASH committee members and health workers; and developing a culture-sensitive IEC material for hygiene promotion activities.
  • Liaise and coordinate hygiene activities with community health workers and related local authorities
  • Provide necessary support to WASH enginner through design, plan, liaise, archive, implement and follow-up the detailed implementation work plan for all activities of WASH projects to achieve the projects objective on time.
  • Take part in the development of programme work plan and make changes as necessary.
  • Ensure community mobilization in all field related to water, hygiene and sanitation
  • Draft weekly hygiene/cholera awareness sessions report.
  • Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the distribution of all hygiene supplies such as hygiene kits, cleaning kits and Jerry Canes for health facilities, and families.
  • Work with the WASH team to develop and evaluate methodologies for promoting sanitation such as CLTS (community-led total sanitation), or latrines construction.
  • Consider budget planning and logistics for hygiene promotion activities: making and follow-up of internal purchase order, quality control of materials delivered by suppliers, planning team movements by vehicle.
  • Undertake any other duties as may be assigned by the WASH Engineer
  • Conduct training for community groups (adult and children) and partner staff on context relevant and culturally appropriate IEC material for promoting key public health practices
  • Participation in the preparation, planning and performance of the health and hygiene promotion and community participation activities of the project.
  • Managing the health, hygiene and community participation during awareness creation.
  • Working closely with the public health department to identify CHV’s and CHA’s at the project sites. Supervision, training and/or coaching and evaluation of the volunteers (CHV’s and CHA’s) to improve their service delivery to the community.
  • Supervise NFI distribution in coordination with other WASDA sectors, other NGOs/Partners and local authorities
  • Ensure that PHP activities take gender and protection issues fully into account. This includes the introduction of mechanisms to enable women to participate in decision making around PHP issues.


Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and learning

  • With the WASH team, undertake the initial and final KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice) surveys.
  • With the WASH team’s implementation of the PDM survey (Post Distribution Monitoring) for kit distributed.
  • Collection, consolidation, and reporting of weekly hygiene and health-related data necessary for the consolidation of standard project and strategic indicators (number of beneficiaries, number and type of activity performed, results of water analysis performed)
  • Supervise/Lead Public Health Promotion assessments in coordination with the WASH Engineer and other sectors (FSL, Gender/protection and MEAL)
  • To assess emergency needs, as requested, especially taking in the broader perspective of Public Health.
  • Define indicators and ensure the collection of data and statistics and implement monitoring systems to supervise and evaluate the impact of the health and hygiene promotion activities.
  • Conduct reviews, learning events, surveys at project locations in coordination with the MEAL team.
  • Conduct data collection related to public health indicators (at household, community and health Centre level)
  • Ensure Accountability in WASH programming is implemented, (this includes supporting compliant/feedback mechanisms and community engagement).



  • Submit Weekly (or each time when necessary) written and oral reports to the WASH Engineer.
  • Participate actively in collecting the required data needed for reports.
  • Integration, Coordination of Cross-cutting Aspects – Coordinate WASH hygiene activities with other sectors of WASDA in order to integrate activities in the same geographical area and for the same beneficiaries.
  • Coordinate local level hygiene activities with the Public Health Department at the county level.



  • Actively participate in weekly management and team meetings.
  • Coordinate hygiene promotion and community (mobilization, participation and engagement) activities with the other agencies, local partner and actors carrying out similar activities.
  • Attend health and/or hygiene promotion co-ordination meetings in a defined location.
  • Ensure program integration between the PHP and PHE Teams throughout the planning, design and implementation stages to create synergy effects.


Staff Management

  • Support HR, WASH engineer in recruitment process of new staff, this includes writing Job description, interviews, etc.
  • Provide capacity building to WASDA field staff and volunteers implementing the program.
  • Ensure the field team understand and adhere to WASDA’s Code of Conduct


Other responsibilities

  • Delivering any other responsibility assigned by the line manager


Skills, experience and knowledge

  • First degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline (preferably, Public Health, or substantial community development experience.
  • At least three years of experience in appropriate community mobilization, public health promotion
  • Emergency experience essential, ideally with an NGO, with proven application at field level
  • Good analytical skills demonstrated through proven experience in working in relevant project monitoring systems, assessment design and proposal development
  • Considerable experience of training and capacity building and ability to provide facilities to the program to carry out training needs analysis and develop capacity building strategies based on this analysis ( Posses Mentoring and coaching skills).
  • Well-developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in demanding situation.
  • Good Knowledge on finance and budget management
  • Good written and spoken English essential and fluency in spoken and written local languages will be an advantage.


How to apply


  • To apply the above job please send your CV and cover letter to email: Send Email :
  • Equal Opportunities: WASDA is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment based on mutual respect for all employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, disability status, religion, ethnic origin, colour, race or marital status or other protected characteristics